Microsoft’s Cortana Virtual Assistant Is Coming to Android Next Month

We already know that Microsoft is bringing its voice-based virtual assistant, Cortana to Android and iOS. The firm has now given a bit more information on when Android users in particular can expect the feature to hit the streets.

Microsoft on Tuesday via the company blog post announced that it would be bringing the Cortana Beta app for Android “starting July”. Unfortunately, the Redmond-based tech giant failed to reveal the exact date of release. Microsoft during its E3 2015 expo presentation also announced the launch of Cortana for its Xbox One console “this fall” in the US and the UK.

One of the highlights of Cortana is that it would act as a companion app that will help users connect their Windows PC to whatever phone they own – whether it’s Windows Phone, Android, or iPhone. For instance, if a user sets an alarm for 8pm on the Android smartphone using Cortana and is later playing a video on Xbox One at that moment, Cortana would sync the alarm across platforms and would interrupt the Xbox One video to show the alarm.

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Google Now that aims to provide users information as and when it might be needed. On Windows, Cortana is tied heavily to Microsoft services, and the experience on Android and iPhone is likely to be limited in comparison, similar to how Google Now is crippled on iOS. However, users will still be able to use services like intelligent reminders and Cortana notes that sync across multiple devices.

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