CyanogenMod reveals Chromium based Browser ‘Gello’

CyanogenMod Team Unveils Customised Chromium-Based Browser Gello

The CyanogenMod team, makers of custom Android ROMs for a multitude of devices, has teased an upcoming Chromium-based browser called Gello.

CyanogenMod’s Joey Rizzoli teased the new browser on Tuesday in a Google+ post and said,

“Coming to a screen near you through +CyanogenMod! Will unveil more soon”!!

He also shared a 14-seconds YouTube video (via Android Police) showing some features of the upcoming browser including a highly-customised interface, save for offline reading feature, night mode, new privacy and security settings, and new download settings.

Rizzoli on Wednesday in his second teaser explained several details including clarifying that the new Gello browser is open source and anyone will be able to contribute to it once official. He also shared an over 5-minute video showing the new Chromium-based browser.

In his second Google+ post, he said,

“No. CyanogenMod Team does not hate Google, this is not a way to steal Google’s work (chromium is opensource), nor me (or any other CM team member) wants you remove Chrome from your device.

You’ll always be free to choose to install your GApps package alongside with CyanogenMod and replace all the CyanogenMod apps you don’t like/use with Google’s.”

Rizzoli also confirmed that the new Gello browser won’t be compatible with low end devices.

“Compatibility: there’s a “sad” point: low end devices or devices with small system partitions won’t get Gello, they’ll get the AOSP Browser instead,” he added.

Further refuting some of the reports that claimed Cyanogen was attempting to take Android away from Google citing Cyanogen’s CEO Kirt McMaster. Rizzoli said, “Me and all the CM teams uses Google Apps and Services every day. We aren’t “putting a bullet into Google’s head”. We’re just creating an operative system (or ROM or Firmware, whatever you call it).

                                                                   Source: NDTV Gadgets