Oneplus’s Oxygen OS 3.2.1 rolling out after stalling the 3.2.0 update

OnePlus users had started receiving OxygenOS 3.2 update earlier this week. As it turns out, the company later stalled its Oxygen 3.2 update and has decided to now move ahead directly with OxygenOS 3.2.1 update.

Last month, OnePlus CEO Carl Pei expressed his displeasure about the criticism that OnePlus 3’s display has received, and clarified why the company didn’t initially include the sRGB mode. Ultimately, Pei had to give in to the feedback from the customers, and confirm that OnePlus would bring sRGB in the next update

On Thursday, a OnePlus staff member posted on company’s official forum that the company has decided to skip OxygenOS 3.2 rollout and that the 3.2.1 update will cover all of 3.2 update’s improvements. He added that “the incremental rollout of OxygenOS 3.2.1 on the OnePlus 3” was starting from Thursday itself.

The new update will bring with itself the much requested, according to the change log posted by the staff member on the forum.

  • sRGB mode
  • Improved RAM management
  • Better GPS performance
  • Latest Google security patches
  • Enhance audio playback quality
  • Updated custom icon packs
  • Fix certain issues in Gallery.
  • Improve the camera’s quality and its functionality
  • Resolved some issues with SIM recognition
  • Problems with clock and music apps

The 3.2 update was reported to be around 396MB in size. Some users who were already on 3.2.0 version have said on forum that they have received a 15MB update for 3.2.1.

Image source: Android authority